WHSP holds a diversified portfolio of uncorrelated investments across listed equities, private equity, property and loans. Its flexible mandate is a key advantage to generating returns by allowing WHSP to make long-term investment decisions and adjust the portfolio by changing the mix of investment classes over time.

Our objective is to deliver superior returns to our shareholders by creating capital growth along with steadily increasing dividends. Dividends are paid out of the cash generated from our investments.

WHSP has a strong track record of delivering outperformance over the long-term along with increased dividends. We believe that over the long-term the portfolio is well positioned for growth. 

Washington H. Soul Pattinson is the second oldest publicly listed company on the ASX. As a company, it is one of only a few that has been successfully managed by the same family from the outset. Lewy Pattinson, Fred Pattinson, Jim Millner and current Chairman, Rob Millner.

WHSP is a unique investment product in the Australian market

Through WHSP, an investor has the opportunity to gain exposure to:
— A range of asset classes across sectors, including private equity, private credit and property
— Investment strategies that have delivered above market returns for decades
— Steady and growing dividends
— A management team with a strong track record of execution and active stewardship of capital

Our Investment Philosophy


Diverse range of uncorrelated investments across listed equities, private equity & venture capital, property, structured credit and cash.


A flexible investment mandate allows WHSP to invest in and support companies from an early stage and grow with them over the long term


Disciplined and value focussed approach to investing through market cycles to deliver returns over the long term


Track record of paying a consistent and increasing dividend for over 20 years


Portfolio of assets generating reliable cash through market cycles which serves to protect downside in market corrections


Partnering with attractive companies looking to access growth capital and undertake strategic M&A